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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
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Our mumble server is now available for use. Click the pic to download the client! Mumble server details are in the Tools section :)

What came after Sparta again?

We now have over 400 members! If you would like to join us, just click the pic!

Want to venture into Karagga's Palace with us?

The bigger the Rancors are, the harder they fall!
Kai / Oct 28, 2015
Hi, if you're interested in buying the guild (including guild ship, outfitted with all necessities, 5-tab guild bank). Also happy to transfer the website to anyone who would want it - paid services run out in November though.

I'm looking to recuperate the cost for the guild ship only, that was 50 Million, also happy to take trades, I'm really not interested in turning a profit, but letting all this go to waste would be a shame!

Reason for sale? Most of us have now moved on to the Harbinger and unfortunately, we can't take anything with us :(

Contact me either here or on the forums, user name Fade_kai.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Who we are and what we're about
Remnants of the Circle is an Imperial guild playing on 'The Red Eclipse'

We are there especially for casual and social players as well as cool people. 8)

We firmly believe that:
  • You can ask questions without being called a noob
  • It is OK to AFK from a raid or group because the baby got up for her 1 AM bottle.
  • It's possible to have mature conversations and have fun together.

Guild Rules:

  • RotC is a mature and friendly guild. As such, we ask that recruits are at least 18 years old. This does not mean that we will tolerate excessive swearing or foul language. If something is questionable, please err on the side of caution as respect for your fellow guildmates is of primary importance.
  • Drama, trolling, insulting other people or just being a jerk in general will get you booted out. We’re all trying to enjoy the game, and the last thing we want to do is log on and deal with squabbling and drama. If you can’t be a part of our guild without causing problems, you can’t be a part of our guild.
  • English is the guild language and as such the only language in the guild chat channel.
  • In order to make sure we have enough room for those who want to join, we ask that everyone log in at least once a month. Players who have been inactive for over two (2) months without notifying an Officer or Director might be removed from the guild.
Role Playing
  • While RotC is not a role playing guild, we ask that you respect the other players that do role play, however.
  • We understand that people (Not mentioning any names here! ;) ) enjoy playing alts. Remnants of the Circle is, however, not just an alt guild. If you want to join our guild, you must do so with your main character(s). All of your alts are, of course, welcome as well.

Joining Remnants of the Circle
Interested in joining RotC? Have any questions? Feel free to speak to one of our Officers, Directors, or hit the apply link on this page and enter your Forum name and in game main character. We do not require guild applications letters to join RotC. We evaluate each member based on their conduct and participation in the guild. If you’d like to join, we’ll be happy to invite you as a Recruit. If, after a short while we feel you’re a good fit, we will promote you to a full-fledged member or officer.